Nurus was established in Ankara as a carpenter’s workshop in 1927 by Nurettin Usta (Master). His daughter Birten Gokyay, the first female to register with Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) and her husband Akin Gokyay inherited it. A major step was taken in the name of becoming corporate and the Nurus brand was created from the name Nurettin Usta. In the 1990’s, Renan Gokyay and Güran Gokyay brothers, the family’s third generation, turned Nurus into an international brand recognized globally.

Nurettin Usta Furniture Group decided to specialize in the manufacturing of office furniture as a result of increasing demand from the private sector and public sector from 1980 on. Following the developing office furniture manufacturing, NURUS A.S. was established in 1983, NUMAS A.S. was established in 1990 and NUPA A.S. was established in 1991 joining the group.

Nurus People who respect tradition continue to work passionately, transferring their philosophy of sustainability during the design, manufacturing and management phases to the new generations.

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